Pijnacker City Park

Area development Centrumlijn Noord

In one of the last vacant spots in the centre of Pijnacker, the ELS plan provides an ecological, landscape-oriented urban development. The plan seamlessly blends city and nature in a new way: robust residential buildings, each with a communal courtyard surrounded by nature. The direct metro connection to both The Hague and Rotterdam allows for higher density, and the introduction of a mobility hub leads to the unique car-free landscape in which this density is achieved. A diverse range of 330 ground-based homes and apartments creates a mixed living area, creating an attractive and liveable neighbourhood.

Water and greenery are at the heart of the location’s appeal. The plan reintroduces former water structures and strengthens the continuity between the centre of Pijnacker and the surrounding water-rich natural areas. The principle is to maximize greenery from facade to facade: hard surfaces are only installed where necessary. This landscape seeps into the heart of the building blocks through gates and passages. Here, four communal gardens are created, emphasizing community living and sharing. Abundant vegetation, diverse communal spaces, modern architecture, and optimal accessibility result in a new, high-quality residential development in Pijnacker.