Kazernekwartier Crailo

The Kolonel Palmkazerne was a vital part of our defence for over sixty years. Since 2005, the area has been handed over to nature, and military activity has given way to a serene landscape. With the Kazernekwartier Crailo plan, the barracks buildings will be given a new life in the midst of a highly sustainable nature district.

The emphasis in the future of Kazernekwartier is on a balanced harmony between human and nature. On one hand, the cultural-historical landscape forms the basis for the development of public spaces and also provides inspiration for a new programming of the buildings. On the other hand, the Kazernekwartier constitutes a strong ecological framework and a nature-inclusive public space, with special attention to the animal residents of Crailo. Sustainable measures are taken at the level of housing and buildings, while at the area level, integral collective facilities are provided that benefit the entire Crailo community.

Architecture explicitly connects the landscape, history, and the new users of the area. In addition to the sustainability and repurposing of the former barracks as a creative hub, clusters of residences are introduced among the trees. These are characterized by a contemporary and elegant design that can be read in different scale levels. The characteristics of the heritage are translated anew: robust, geometric volumes that stand boldly in the landscape, with attention to detail and ornament.