The Bisschopsmolenstraat is one of the oldest streets in Etten-Leur and contains many historic buildings. For the Hoogschout, the proposal is a suitable, formal design in which a grid of equal windows is only interrupted by one large perforation at the entrance. The stately, yet modest facade adapts to the adjacent monumental Withof complex.

On the long sides of the complex, the building opens up to the green surroundings with large windows and generous outdoor spaces. Due to the use of semi-sunken balconies, there is a maximum view of the surroundings, as well as space to sit out of the wind. The storage units, technical rooms and cars are all housed in a semi-sunken parking garage. As a result, the apartments on the ground floor are slightly elevated and form an indirect relationship with the green environment.

An area-specific materialization of traditional masonry with alternating stone bands all around, in combination with modern detailing, gives the building a contemporary character. The use of color is carefully attuned to the historic Withof complex.